Our Sustainability Commitment

Creating environments that function in harmony with the environment.

With sustainability ingrained throughout the organisation, we act on a business and moral imperative to reduce our climate impact. Our aim is to lead the fight against climate change, and to engage and inspire our supply chain partners to join us on the journey towards a lower-carbon future.

Enduring value, shaping a better future. Enduring value, shaping a better future.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is the guiding framework and the prism through which we assess the business decisions and their impact on our staff, supply partners, customers, and the environment. It supports operational excellence and innovation within our organisation and differentiates D/RES in the Irish residential market.

Our ESG policies give us the ability to focus on the micro details of our processes and their impact on national and global climate change goals, and enable us to provide a meaningful career for our employees.

We know we need to adapt to the impacts of climate change so we will implement climate resilience measures to protect our customers and our stakeholders from climate extremes.

Enduring value is about creating tangible benefits for all and, in doing so, shaping a better future so that our environment, our people, and the communities we create, can thrive.