Passive Housing Magazine

We are delighted that Tinakilly Park has been featured in an 8-page article in the new edition of Passive House Plus magazine (page 30 onwards).

As our sustainable flagship development with our partner Ardale Property Group, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in a First Time Buyer home. A home in Tinakilly Park will be equipped with A1 energy rating, low embodied carbon design (439kgCO2/m2), solar PV and battery systems to reduce home energy use by 55% and EV chargers to increase the national EV infrastructure.

Tinakilly Park will be a community microgrid providing energy security for the homeowners, enabling them to trade energy with neighbours and also support the National Climate Change goals of increasing renewable energy generation in Ireland. The homes will also reduce the peak energy demand on the national grid which is a key concern during the ongoing energy crisis.

Biophilic design has been at the core of the development, providing residents with a direct connection to nature and a new 14-acre biodiverse park and native forest with over 1400 new trees and wildflower meadows connecting the site’s ecology.

Tinakilly Park is the future of first-time buyer homes in Ireland